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Health Hack #5 – The Miracle of Metformin

The MIRACLE of METFORMIN* (*The Confessions of a Chiropractic Heretic)   Chiropractors aren’t supposed to like drugs… many even say they NEVER take medications or get VACCINES. I agree that “Big Pharma” has hijacked the medical treatment of America and that WAY too many drugs are consumed by Americans. But at our clinic we strive […]

Health Hack #2: Secrets* to Controlling Inflammation

  (FREE!!!) SECRETS* TO CONTROLLING INFLAMMATION *What The Drug Companies Don’t Want You to Know by Dr. Richard P. Schuyler DC, BCAO, MS   Last time we talked about how ALL disease causes inflammation.  Today, we’ll talk about controlling inflammation YOURSELF without a doctor and CURING YOURSELF OF ALMOST ALL DISEASES. First let’s go over […]

Migraine Relief Through Your Nose?

    Do you ever feel like that crippling headache will never end? You’re not alone. As a matter of fact, about 14 million people experience headaches on a near-daily basis. The most common treatment approaches for migraines are OTC medication and “sleeping it off”… But, if you have experienced one of these depleting migraines, […]

Get Your Bounce Back With A Myers Cocktail

Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures giving you the winter blues? Looking to boost your energy or enhance your vitality? It can be tough to find preventive measures that are covered by insurance, but we have an option for you today… You can utilize a form of intravenous vitamin/mineral therapy called a Myers’ Cocktail. Vitamin Infusion Therapy First […]