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Get Your Bounce Back With A Myers Cocktail

Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures giving you the winter blues? Looking to boost your energy or enhance your vitality? It can be tough to find preventive measures that are covered by insurance, but we have an option for you today… You can utilize a form of intravenous vitamin/mineral therapy called a Myers’ Cocktail. Vitamin Infusion Therapy First […]

4 Ways to Prevent Summer Heat Dangers

Summer heat is on the increase and it can be a serious health problem. Heat waves in the summer cause heat-related illnesses that can be fatal – heat stroke, for instance, is very serious. Every year hundreds of people in the US die from the heat. You are more likely to suffer problems in the […]

Sunburn Dangers: 10 Fast Facts

Did you know that sunburn can have long-term effects on your skin? Sunburn causes red, painful and irritated skin but it also may cause serious consequences like skin cancer and premature aging. Here’s all you need to know about sunburn and how it affects your health. Who Suffers from Sunburn? Anyone can suffer from sunburn. […]

15 Top Sleep Tips

Are you fed up of waking each morning feeling drained and miserable? Are you searching for a decent night’s sleep so you can feel better throughout the day? Millions of people with busy, stressful lives find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. If you are one of these people, read on for some […]

Meditation: 5 Top Health Benefits

Meditation is an ancient art which has highly modern relevance. Everyday life today is busy, stressful, and full-on – most people find it tough to achieve a balance between getting everything done and taking time out to relax. If you have too much on your plate and find it difficult to deal with stress then […]