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Healthy Habits to Practice at Work

If you’re like many of us, you are probably trying to live a healthy lifestyle, incorporating healthy habits, such as a balanced diet, exercise, and other practices in order to reach your wellness goals. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to live up to your own expectations during the work week, and you may find the resolutions […]

The Secret to a Long Life!

For centuries we’ve been looking for it: The secret to a long life! In my lifetime there have been dozens of studies to discover why some people live to be 120 or older. None of these very expensive scientific studies discovered the ONE common denominator that ALL long-living people have but you, dear reader, in […]

What is Physical Rehabilitation and how can it benefit you?

Physical rehabilitation is a physical medicine discipline often offered to those recovering from accident or illness, but its exact definition can be hard to understand. That’s because physical rehabilitation is a pretty broad topic to try to define succinctly. Covering a large number of conditions, physical rehabilitation practices are helpful to a large number of […]