Hormone Replacement Therapy

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What is Hormone Imbalance?

Hormone imbalance can cause many problems, but natural hormone replacement therapy can help. Hormone deficiency can result in weight gain, loss of libido and energy, hair loss, and many other worrisome symptoms. To combat these issues, Advanta Total Health offers bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, which utilizes natural plant-based hormones. Unlike hormone replacement therapy that uses synthetic hormones, which can cause troubling side-effects, natural hormone replacement therapy restores youth, health, and vigor, with few drawbacks.

How Our Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Different….

In addition to providing hormone replacement for men and women, using bio-identical hormones, Advanta Total Health offers a variety of other treatments for a wide range of medical concerns, drawing from various physical medicine disciplines. Treating each patient as a whole person, the doctors at Advanta perform a thorough examination and use advanced diagnostic tools to identify the source of the problem, rather than just addressing symptoms. For those seeking natural hormone replacement, careful attention is paid to blood work, and monitoring hormone levels, to make sure that the right course of treatment is pursued. Therapies utilized include massage therapy, physical therapy, Atlas Orthogonal Spinal Correction, and more, to improve each patient’s quality of life.