Latisse Eyelashes


  • Longer, Fuller, Darker Lashes

    Beautiful eyes aren’t just about color… eye lashes make your eyes “pop”!

    With Latisse eyelash treatment, you can invest in making one of your most noticed and unique features even more beautiful!

  • How it works...

    LATISSE is a prescription treatment that you apply to your eyelashes.

    LATISSE takes about 16 weeks to deliver full results.

    You’ll first start to notice changes in length, followed by thickening.

  • Results

    According to LATISSE, from clinical trial results, LATISSE users’ eyelashes were:

    • 25% Longer (vs. 2% for control group)
    • 106% Fuller (vs. 12%)
    • 18% Darker (vs. 3%)

    After 16 weeks.