Spider Vein Therapy

Is Spider Vein Therapy For You?

  • What are Spider Veins?

    More common than varicose veins, spider veins can be caused by genetics.

    Spider veins are often worsened by hormonal causes, sun damage and/or sedentary lifestyle.

    They can occur at an early age, often first seen in the early twenties.

  • How The Procedure Works

    In the spider vein therapy used by Advanta Total Health, a medication is injected into the spider vein via a very small syringe (with a needle under magnification).

    This type of “Sclerotherapy” is popular in Europe and requires a dedicated, patient medical professional to perform the procedure properly.

    An alternate method of spider vein therapy involves the use of specialized lasers to target the blood within the spider veins.

  • Timeline

    There is very little downtime following the procedure.  Most patients are able to resume their daily activities as soon as the procedures are performed.

    A special note here is that, contrary to popular belief, spider veins do not go away on their own… so procrastination will lead to them getting worse.