Advanta Total Health is dedicated to improving the lives of patients, through a combination of disciplines designed to enhance health and wellness. Whether the patient is seeking anti-aging treatments, medical weight loss, chronic pain management, migraine treatment, or treatment for a number of other health concerns, Advanta Total Health can help.

Utilizing a number of treatment options, including massage therapy, physical therapy, trigger point therapy, spinal correction, and other physical medicine techniques, Advanta Total Health seeks to treat each patient as a whole person, rather than a collection of symptoms. New patients can expect a thorough examination, and an accurate medical diagnosis, in order to ensure an effective treatment plan to address each health concern and symptom.

Prior to the first visit, patients can access new patient forms on the website, to expedite the intake process on the day of the appointment.

New Patient Forms

Click on the link to your form to download and print. 

New Patient Intake Form 

HCG Patient Intake Form

Testosterone Therapy Intake Form

Personal Injury Intake Form 

ALCAT Testing Intake Form

Medical Cosmetics Intake Form 

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