The Case Against Ibuprofen** Grows as Children Sicken and Die from Mysterious Inflammatory Disease.

**Ibuprofen is the generic name of Advil, Motrin, Aleve & Naproxen

Back in March of this year Doctors began sounding the alarm about a connection between Ibuprofen and the �cytokine storm� found in COVID-19 patients. The sudden and overwhelming �storm� of lung inflammation is what puts patients on ventilators.� Most never come off. Ibuprofen found strongly suspected to be a cause. �Now we are getting reports of children dying from another kind of COVID-related inflammation.� The mysterious symptoms are similar to Kawasaki Syndrome.� This syndrome involves brain, heart and lung inflammation plus it also afflicts the skin with painful rashes.� Dozens of children have died already.� Once again, doctors are reporting most or ALL of them were given Ibuprofen.


Why is this not being widely reported in the news?� It may be the billions of dollars the media get from advertising these toxic drugs!! Big Pharma has a lot of power. I am amazed that most healthcare providers are unaware of this important information.� I am telling all my patients and colleagues to PLEASE not use Ibuprofen.� Other NSAIDs may prove to be dangerous too!!


What can we do to control inflammation without drugs?� I use extreme hydration (water) and natural vegetable-derived anti-inflammatories.� One of my favorites is vegetable juice containing carrots, greens, cucumber and aloe.� I can feel the heat leaving my body so fast it�s unbelievable.


I also use anti-oxidant supplements like Lifeguard from Starlight International or Resvoxitrol from Orthomolecular.� (I get ZERO money for endorsing these products.)� Lifeguard can be ordered online at
(831)242-1080.� Call me at (770)955-2225 if you need help with this or any other health problems.

Yours in Health,


Dr. Richard Schuyler, DC