Health Hack #7 Weight Training



Health Hack #7: Weight Training

By Richard P. Schuyler D.C.


So, it�s that time of the year again!!� You are OVER eating like a pig for the holidays and more than a little disgusted at the weight you put on.� Maybe you just want to lose those extra pounds or maybe you want to finally get the body you�ve always dreamt of.

For years I�ve seen my patients firmly resolve to lose weight and get in shape for the new year but then fail to achieve their goal. Maybe they purchase a gym membership or buy� $1,000 worth of exercise equipment only to QUIT exercising after a couple of weeks.� The reasons I hear most are:


  1. Exercising hurt them.
  2. They didn�t have enough time.
  3. It was monotonous.
  4. They didn�t see any progress
  5. All the above.


These can ALL be valid reasons to not exercise.� But what if some or ALL those problems could be solved so there is little or no reason not to look the way you really desire??


Looking at people with strong, attractive powerful bodies you wonder!!.

How do THEY do it??

Is it genetics? Training secrets? Secret supplements?� Living at the gym? �Steroids??�

Well the truth is these factors DO matter.� But!! There IS an easier way, a safer way AND a more efficient way to get strong and lean and fast and hardly ANYBODY will tell you about it.

In the following few Health Hacks you will be seeing a step-by-step approach to losing weight, gaining muscle and feeling younger.� Keep reading and it may just change your life!!

For years I studied biomechanics and neurophysiology and wondered what is the BEST way to build muscle and burn fat.� It wasn�t until a few years ago that I found out what that method is.� After several studies the best muscle building systems were published in the last decade, it became clear just how to get the best results in the gym for EVERYBODY!!� You CAN know the secrets that successful body builders have used for years.� WHY? Because I�ve spent 30 years around body builders and athletes AND lifting weights.� On top of that I�ve treated many very successful athletes.� So, I�ve seen how to maximize athletic performance from both sides and know WHY the system you are about to learn about MAKES SENSE!!

SO much information about body building is contradictory and confusing!!� It can be intimidating and frustrating because, frankly, too many �experts� on weight training give you wrong information.� You see guys in the gym who are HUGE doing things that will, eventually, destroy their backs!!!� They think that, because they�ve gotten away with it for so long it must be OK!!� But sooner or later it WILL catch up to them and they�ll end up at chiropractor or (worse) the orthopedic surgeon.

So, stay if you want to be a body builder OR simply lose a few pounds so you can fit into clothes that are a size or two too small and KEEP READING to discover how to:

  1. Build muscle FAST.
  2. Lose fat and Get lean.
  3. Avoid injuries.
  4. Feel more energetic and happier
  5. Cut gym time in HALF and�
  6. Work out EVERY DAY if you want to really surpass the average body builder.


Fact: Exercise produces ENDORPHINS that make you HAPPY!!


Fact: Muscle tissue BURNS fat so the more you have the slimmer you get AND the faster you get slim.


So now that I have your interest I�ll get to the point and begin helping you get the body you want and get it fast.� The simplest way to describe this revolutionary system for strength training and weight loss is�..




WHY The Push-Pull Method?�and WHY is it important to explain it to you?

ANSWER: It�s a very simple but powerful system of building muscle quickly and easily BUT it comes from decades of research in neurophysiology (which is a big word for �just exactly how do muscles work�).� The reason it�s important to understand a little neurophysiology is: because the more you understand about WHY you are doing something the more likely you are to actually DO it!!

Neurophysiology FOR DUMMIES:

It may sound silly to say this but� Muscles work by pulling. �They can�t PUSH!!!� �That means when your muscles move they get SHORTER.� Muscle fibers called myofibrils contract (shorten) when your nerves tell them to. This PULLS the bones they attach to either toward each other (flexion) or away from each other (extension).� So when you FLEX your muscles you aren�t necessarily FLEXING the bones they attach to.� Your arms and legs have muscles on both the front and back of them. The muscles attached to the front of your arms FLEX the arms while the ones in the back EXTEND them.� Here�s an example: the biceps (on the front of your arm) pulls your forearm toward your upper arm (flexion). �Your triceps (on the back of the arm) pulls your forearm AWAY from your upper arm (extension).� See!! It�s really simple.

The reason the Push/Pull system works better than any other is, by ONLY doing push exercises on one day and ONLY pull exercises on the other, you NEVER overwork your muscles.� That means they get bigger and stronger FASTER, with fewer injuries AND less pain.

So that�s our first installment on getting in shape for 2019.� Our next episode of Health Hacks will explain exactly HOW to use the Push/Pull system, get the body of your dreams and keep that New Year�s promise to yourself�.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Schuyler