Healthy Habits to Practice at Work

Unhappy Man At The DeskIf you�re like many of us, you are probably trying to live a healthy lifestyle, incorporating healthy habits, such as a balanced diet, exercise, and other practices in order to reach your wellness goals. Sometimes, however, it�s hard to live up to your own expectations during the work week, and you may find the resolutions you made at the New Year falling by the wayside as spring approaches. It�s not impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even when you�re working all day, if you follow some simple advice for bringing good habits into your workplace.

  • Boost your energy with a morning workout. If you can you walk or bike to your job, you�ve got an excellent option for getting your heart pumping in the morning. If not, you can get in some exercise with a workout at home, a quick stop by the gym, or even by parking far away from the building and taking the stairs to your office. Don�t forget to give your brain a workout too: while you�re stuck in the car on your commute, you can exercise your mind with audio books or motivational CDs.
  • If exercise doesn�t fit into your schedule before work, you can make up for it at your desk! Desk workouts can be as simple or structured as you like, and are a great way to fit in some exercise in small increments, throughout the day.
  • Even when you quit smoking, you can keep the smoke breaks. Smoking is an unhealthy habit, but taking periodic breaks is a healthy habit to maintain. Instead of using your break to smoke, spend it taking a walk around the office, getting a breath of fresh air, or just stretching to allow your body to realign.
  • Reduce your coffee intake. It�s fine to have a morning cup of joe, but it�s unhealthy to become too dependent on coffee. Water is a much better choice, because it helps you stay hydrated. Green tea is also a good option for hydration, and it also contains anti-oxidants that help promote health.
  • Pack your lunch, and don�t forget your snacks. Bringing your lunch to work gives you control over what you�re eating, and can save money as well. To keep your energy from flagging, bring snacks as well: fruit, raw vegetables, and nuts are good options for keeping your blood sugar level.
  • Prepare your own dinners as well. If it�s too hectic after work to allow you to make dinner, consider making freezer meals ahead of time, and using your crock pot. Making your own meals gives you the opportunity to use healthy ingredients, and is less expensive than eating out.
  • Put sleep on your agenda. A large body of research supports the idea that a good night�s sleep can improve your health and productivity. Aim for seven or eight hours, then experiment to find your perfect amount of sleep. One benefit of adequate sleep that you may not expect is that it can help you reach your weight loss goals.
  • Maintain a healthy balance. A healthy work-life balance is central in a healthy, happy life. Set boundaries that limit the time you spend working after hours, make an effort to leave the problems of the office behind when you leave, and schedule quality time with family and friends.

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