Health Hack #2: Secrets* to Controlling Inflammation

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*What The Drug Companies Don�t Want You to Know

by Dr. Richard P. Schuyler DC, BCAO, MS


Last time we talked about how ALL disease causes inflammation.� Today, we�ll talk about controlling inflammation YOURSELF without a doctor and CURING YOURSELF OF ALMOST ALL DISEASES.

First let�s go over the WRONG ways to control inflammation.�� Why? Because my first vow as a doctor is to do no harm. What you are about to read is NOT KNOWN by most people but it could save your life!!!

You may think �Why not just take over-the-counter drugs to control inflammation?”.� This is what millions of Americans do every day.� Why? Because they are taught to.� How? Just count the number of TV drug commercials.� Over 50% of commercial ads are for drugs OR insurance companies.� (I�ll get started on insurance companies another time).�� Why?� Because the drug companies make HUGE profits from them.�� For aches and pains to deadly diseases they sell you more drugs every day.�� That�s why every second commercial is for Tylenol, Tylenol PM, Advil, Advil Cold, Nyquil, Dayquil, AfternoonQuil, WeekendQuil (ok I made up the last two).� I can�t resist poking fun at the �Snifflying, Sneezy, Coughing, Drowsy, Sleepy, Stumbling around till you pass out and fall flat on you face Medicine”.� Here�s how they do it:

  1. They get you to think you need them.
  2. They get you to think they are safe and�.
  3. They get you to think you should take them ALL THE TIME.
  4. They get you ADDICTED to them so you go through misery if you stop them.

Not only is this wrong, it can KILL YOU.� So let�s look at what YOU can do to not become a victim of the drug companies.

There�s one class of drugs sold more than any other, NSAIDs-Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatories.� You get them without a prescription so� they must be harmless right?� (Read on).

What are NSAIDs?� They are drugs that stop inflammation without steroids.� Everybody knows that steroids should be used RARELY.� Unfortunately, everybody SEEMS to think NSAIDs are FINE to use all the time.� NSAIDs include: ibuprofen, acetaminophen, Tylenol, Advil and Aspirin.� They are fine to take every day right?� WRONG.

You see commercials that say ridiculous things like �For the NORMAL HEADACHE take (whatever NSAID)� or �For EVERYDAY ACHES AND PAIN take (Blah Blah drug)� as if you not only can but should take them daily.� This is SO wrong for TWO reasons:

  1. Ignore pain at your peril! HEADACHES ARE NOT NORMAL.� DAILY PAIN IS NOT OK!!.
  2. Drugs (even NSAIDs) can KILL you.

Why endure pain?� Nobody likes it so why put up with it?


You may think I�m crazy but, pain is GOOD!� Pain is the friend who never lies. Have you ever had a friend like that? Like the one who tells the truth when you ask �Does my butt look big in these pants?”. �But seriously, ignore your honest friends at your peril.

Here�s why Pain is your best friend!� Pain ONLY happens when tissue is being damaged and destroyed.� Sometimes this is good like when you work out and your muscles get sore then get stronger.� But other times it means you are losing parts of you that you want to keep.

Arthritis is an example of bad pain.� Arthritic pain means your joints are breaking down.� Headaches are bad too because they mean brain tissue is being damaged.� I don�t know about you but, my brain is one of my favorite organs.

So, what do we do when we cover up pain instead of listening to it and correcting it�s cause?� We damage and destroy important parts of our body.

It�s like covering up the light on your car dashboard that says ENGINE HOT.� Would you keep driving and ignore it?� If it bothers you would you put tape over it so you can�t see it?� If a buzzer came on would you turn up the radio so you wouldn�t hear it?�� That�s how stupid it is to cover up your body�s pain.� Your body is trying to tell you it�s being damaged and breaking down.� When you ignore it your body just falls apart and the side effects of drugs speed up the process.

Next week we�ll give ways to get rid of your pain without harmful drugs. But now I want to get across why drugs are bad.� In fact don�t take my word for it.� Just read the warnings that that the FDA MAKES the drug companies put in the boxes with NSAIDs.� They�re on a tiny square of paper.� When you open it you�ll see it has TEENY TINY words on it that you need a magnifying glass to read.� Like this writing only smaller.� BUT, when you unfold it, the paper opens into a document the size of a road map (if you�re old enough to remember those).

Quiz:� What was the FIRST NSAID??� (Hint, it comes from the bark of the willow tree, it was first patented by a German company in Bavaria over 100 years ago and was used for over 2000 years before that).
Answer: it�s Aspirin.�

Guess what was the BIGGEST�cause of death from drug overdose in the 1950s and 60s? Aspirin!! Then, when research showed how dangerous it was the drug companies started pushing� NEW NSAIDs like Tylenol and Ibuprofen.� So now guess which drugs cause the most deaths from overdose?� You guessed it!! It�s the NEW NSAIDS�.. not crack, not heroin, not cocaine!!!

TRUE STORY: I had a patient once who came to me for chronic pain.� She took Ibuprofen every day.� I was helping her by correcting the misaligned bones in her spine that had caused her decades of suffering.� She was starting to feel better but still had terrible painful flare-ups.

One day my nurse told me she had missed her appointment because she was in the hospital.� I called her to find out what was going on and she said she had kidney failure and was ON DIALYSIS!!!!. Now here�s the really shocking part:

Her kidneys failed after she took TWO Ibuprofens with a glass of wine.� Can you imagine how I felt?� So I�ve been on a crusade for SAFE ways to control inflammation ever since.� You can too!!

Read those warnings next time you get a chance.

Next week we�ll cover how to get rid of THE CAUSE of pain and NOT cover it up.

Stay tuned for more adventures in health!!

Until then be well and do good.


Dr. Richard P. Schuyler

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