Health Hack #5 – The Miracle of Metformin

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(*The Confessions of a Chiropractic Heretic)

Chiropractors aren�t supposed to like drugs� many even say they NEVER take medications or get VACCINES. I agree that �Big Pharma� has hijacked the medical treatment of America and that WAY too many drugs are consumed by Americans. But at our clinic we strive to NEVER prescribe drugs unless and until we correct the CAUSE of the problem that calls for them.� Why? Because ALL drugs have side effects (or so I thought).� Recently, I discovered I was wrong. ONE drug has been found to have an ASTOUNDING effect on aging AND has no known side-effect except when taken in excess (which ANYTHING can do, even water). Here�s the story�

Here�s the part where our lawyers make me say NONE of what you are about to read is ���meant to diagnose or treat ANY health condition.� Consult a health-care provider before making any of the changes listed here.

Anti-aging science�s best kept secret.

Sugar is the key to your metabolism.� When a perfect blood level is maintained your body functions at its highest level and stays DISEASE FREE. If there is an imbalance you have destruction and early death of tissue cells.� This is what happens in diabetes.

Diabetes treatment is all about balancing blood glucose.� Metformin is a drug that does that.� Metformin has been used for years and has NO side effects when used correctly.� Now here�s where it gets interesting. �This year, Nir Barzilai, MD, director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, said �Metformin may influence fundamental aging factors that underlie many age-related conditions, including cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.�

A study published in the National Institutes of Health in 2015 said: ��metformin may influence metabolic and cellular processes associated with the development of age-related conditions, such as inflammation, oxidative damage, diminished autophagy, cell senescence and apoptosis. As such, metformin is of particular interest in clinical translational research in aging since it may influence fundamental aging factors that underlie multiple age-related conditions.�

So what does all that mean?� That your body can not just age slower but (with Metformin) can actually REVERSE the aging damage of some cells.� Now, before you envision Benjamin Button (I know, too late) this is not going to make you LOOK 20 years younger.� It may however take years off the age of your heart, liver, lungs and other tissues and THAT can make you FEEL that much younger.

How I learned to stop worrying about prescription drugs and LOVE metformin.

Right now a huge study is underway to PROVE that Metformin works. It should be out soon. As for me the verdict is already in.� Here�s how I found out:

Before introducing ANY new program in our Anti-aging practice I ALWAYS experience it for myself (if possible).� Why? I want to be the last guinea pig tested BEFORE I recommend something to my patients.� So, since my blood glucose has run a little high for a while, I decided to try Metformin myself.� About a month ago I began taking 500 mg. a day.� The first day or so I didn�t notice anything.� Then on the third day at about 10 PM, while I was reading in bed, I suddenly sat up and realized I WASN�T TIRED. I mean, I was COMPLETELY alert and awake.� Now you may think, �What�s the big deal� but, YOU probably aren�t 63.� As many seniors friends will tell you, it�s NORMAL for older people to fall asleep early.� (That�s why restaurants in Florida have early bird specials at 3 PM). So, was I excited about being wide awake at 10 for the first time in years?� Hell yeah I was!� Not only that, I stayed up reading until almost 1 and THEN only went to sleep because I had work the next day.

The next day I was so eager to get up and start my day it took a little while to realize the other major change in my sleep pattern since Metformin� I wasn�t waking up at 3 AM and having a hard time getting back to sleep anymore!� I felt better rested than in YEARS.

I couldn�t wait to get to work and share my experience with my co-workers.� I asked our nurse Cindy what she had noticed with her Metformin experience (she and I started it together) and she said almost the same thing.� That�s when it dawned on me!!� HEY! I HAVEN�T TAKEN A NAP FOR THREE DAYS.� I was astounded.� My sleep patterns that had gradually become those of an old man had COMPLETELY reversed to how I was in my 20�s.� Even BETTER when I thought about it.� I liked naps even then.� I hadn�t gone ALL day until late at night without a hint of fatigue since I was a teenager.

The NEXT day I noticed I wasn�t having any more �senior� moments.� You know when you walk into a room and say to yourself �What the HELL did I come in here for??� and then convince yourself that, whatever it was, it wasn�t important anyway.

So THAT�S when I realized the stories about Metformin were really true.� It DOES reverse some of the effects of aging.� And the best part is NO SIDE EFFECTS.


But you don�t have to wait that long.� Advanta Total Health�s anti-aging program now offers Metformin as one of our anti-aging tools.


(Yes,�that last part was shameless self-promotion).

Yours in Health,


Dr. Richard Schuyler DC

PS.� Next time we will talk about weight-training, body building and more.� See you soon.