Memorial Day Healthy Diet Tips

Memorial Day Healthy Diet TipsHolidays are notoriously difficult for dieters and people trying to live a healthy life. Holidays like Memorial Day come complete with tables laden with treats � hot dogs, burgers, dips, chips, cookies, cakes and ice cream�. This Memorial Day, enjoy yourself with family and friends while still staying healthy � here are some ideas for a lighter Memorial Day weekend.

  • Find healthy alternatives

If you are hosting a Memorial Day party or get-together, you can tip the balance in your favor by serving some healthy choices alongside the not-so-healthy foods. For example, include plenty of salads on the table and put some chicken breast on the grill along with vegetable kebabs.

If you are not hosting, bring along a healthy choice to the party so you have something to fill up with. You could bring a quinoa salad with veggies and nuts, or a bowl of fruit salad. You can also take along some healthy snacks like unsalted popcorn or nuts so you have something to snack on if there are no healthy items available.

Speaking of snacks, chips are probably the best way to ruin a healthy diet because it is easy to eat too many without realizing. Don�t hover near the BBQ table � have one handful of chips then leave well alone.

Avoid eating cake and cookies by ending the meal with a snack of fruit � choose a fruit salad served with cr�me fraiche or low-cal cream or yogurt. There are plenty of low calorie dessert foods available so you don�t need to miss out on the sweet side of the Memorial Day festivities.

  • Don�t go to the party hungry

Arriving at the holiday party starving hungry will result in eating more than you planned � and usually eating more of the unhealthy options. Make sure you have a good breakfast or a healthy snack at home.

  • Be careful with drinks

It�s not just alcohol you need to watch out for, although alcohol is laden with calories. You also need to steer clear of too many sodas and fruit juices � these beverages contain sugar, which can lead to you piling on the pounds. Stay hydrated and feeling full by drinking water. Alternate between sparkling water and still water, and add sliced lemon, lime or cucumber to keep it interesting.