Pain Management

Trigger Point Injections

If you’re struggling with a chronic condition, such as fatigue, migraines, bloating, etc, you’d be surprised how often the root cause can be what you’re eating.

After completing a blood-work based test, you’ll get a personalized report back that details the foods you should embrace and the foods you should avoid.

Supartz Knee Injections

Supartz knee injections is a form of natural knee replacement. Using advanced diagnostic tools, in a state of the art facility, the talented doctors and staff at Advanta Total Health provide treatment plans designed to treat each patient as a whole person. In this way, we are able to improve quality of life and help patients achieve total wellness.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

In order to provide relief form neuropathy symptoms, the true cause of the condition must be uncovered and addressed. We strive to find drug-free, non-surgical inventions for medical issues, incorporating treatments like physical therapy to enhance health and wellness

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are traumatic, and injuries can sometimes go undetected during the initial examination. Often symptoms that manifest after an auto accident are not properly diagnosed, and patients fail to fully recover with traditional medicine, physical therapy, and chiropractic care.